The Music Center
The Music Center

the music center

Our Mission: Music enriches our quality of life. We provide music education and performances for enjoyment, creative expression, and personal growth. Our programs
nurture a passion for artistic excellence.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of some of the most passionate and dedicated community members from South Central Michigan.

President: Shawn Westbrook
Vice President: Sean Washington
Treasurer: Dave Disler
Assistant Treasurer: H. Daniel Haas, Jr.
Secretary: Kathy Shaw

Donna Bidelman-Vanderveer
Dr. James Cracraft
Sue Day
Penny DeGarmo
H. Daniel Haas, Jr.
Bunny Hosking
Dr. James Fletcher
Dr. Karl Loomis
Kathleen Strang
Mark Stuart
Barbara Sudeikis
Randy Teegardin CFP
Sean Washington
Dawn Zande-Brady